Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kristy got her first taste of the fashion industry as a child model in the early 90’s. Immediately after high school, she began working freelance in the television industry. For the next seven years, Kristy paved her own road through the industry by working as a celebrity assistant and filling roles on productions in both administrative, and creative sides of the business.  
    In 2011 she founded NBDvintage, which she successfully ran for two years while getting her grounding as a Stylist in Los Angeles. After building confidence styling editorials but feeling a void in her work, she began picking up the camera and started both shooting & styling all of her projects. Kristy took on the role of West Coast Editor of Ladygunn Magazine for Issue #13 "My Youth is Your Youth."  

  Her photography work puts a strong focus on shooting up and coming bands and actors for various independent publications internationally. You can see her styling work on select actresses and women in music. She is currently Editor-at-large for Ladygunn Magazine as of 2017. 


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